P.I.C.K. Awareness

“Parents In Connection for kids Inc”

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide advocacy, awareness, resources, referral, prevention, education and life skills to parents of children in substance abuse situations.

Alcohol, drug abuse, suicide and mental health are major concerns among children today. As a result the entire family suffers. Parents can feel helpless, as many don’t know where to turn. I have personally experienced the horror of watching the destruction that drugs and alcohol can cause.

Through our personal experience, combined with our attained education and resources, We are compelled to advocate “PICK” (Parents In Connection for Kids Inc) as a vehicle to empower others to know that there is help and hope available.

P.I.C.K. also educate’s professionals by providing resources for data collection on specific topics. Teachers, our medical community, businesses, athletic coaches, treatment, recovery and prevention professionals will all find useful information in this section.

Our Vision:
Everyone is relevant in our community. We want to break the stigma of Addiction, encourage the public to reach out for help, inform them, advocate for them and offer resources to prevent the early onset of addiction.

We are a non- profit agency dedicated to reducing heroin overdoses and Substance Use Disorder. We have successfully advocated for others and have provided recovery support services since 2010.