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EZ Way fundraising helps non-for-profits raise money during multiple times of the year. Our EZ Way allows Charities of all types who have a 501-c-3 status rely fully on us to handle specifics such as:

  • Initial Set Up
  • Website
  • Custom URL
  • Flyer Template

Make money with your non-for-profit for minimal effort

No volunteers needed the days of sales, no handling shipments.

All you do is promote your fundraiser to your members and contact list.

EZ Way Fundraiser currently has 3 fundraising opportunities during each year:

  • Trees at Christmas at multiple locations in the tri-state area
  • Flowers for Valentine’s Day (directly shipped)
  • Flowers for Mother’s Day (directly shipped)

After your sales and fundraising event is completed, your organization will receive a check. It’s that simple!